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Vertical Vodavi® Starplus® STS™: Enterprise-Class Calling Features for Smaller Business Needs and Budgets The popular Vertical Vodavi Starplus STS product family is a market leader in small business. With over 30,000 systems installed throughout the United States, you can be assured of the system’s track performance and reliability. Now, new productivity-enhancing features make it a better value than ever. More Features, Same Low Price Still offered at the same modest price, the Vertical Vodavi Starplus STSe Business Communications System delivers powerful, enterprise-class communications features. Yet it remains a refreshingly affordable communications solution for enterprises requiring up to 48 phones. In addition to nearly 200 calling features, the new Starplus STSe offers enterprise-class features such as full T1, fractional T1 and ISDN-PRI trunking, PBX/Centrex support, Uniform Call Distribution (UCD) and Local Call Routing (LCR), automatic daylight savings, tenant share and virtual stations. The ultra-modern desktop STSe speakerphone now features attractive blue backlighting for easy reading in a wide range of lighting conditions. The 48-button console meets the needs of organizations requiring a live receptionist. STSe in-skin voice mail and voice recording options offer up to 200 hours of recording capacity and an unlimited number of mailboxes — without compromising system capacity. STSe Feature Highlights: ADP – Additional Device Port on every phone for fax or modem connection Basic and expanded system options Easy to configure, install and program Fax Detect – Eliminates the need for a dedicated FAX line Caller ID Name and number display is available on all phones One phone model loaded with features Optional In-Skin Voice Mail PBX/Centrex compatibility Phones are CTI adaptable Soft keys enable quick access to system features Standard 2.5 mm headset jack on every phone Supports full T1, fractional T1 or ISDN PRI trunking UCD & LCR capability Voicemail does not reduce system capacity Learn more about Starplus STSe's Voicemail options. Explore the endpoints this business phone system has to offer your small business. Contact us today to learn how a Vertical IP PBX and VoIP business phone solution can enhance your business. Vodavi® Starplus STS™ Endpoints STSe Endpoint Our new STSe telephone features a blue backlit display that is perfect for low light environments and makes an attractive addition to any desktop. It bristles with features including a headset jack, additional device port for fax or modem and high-quality speakerphone. Ranger Cordless Vodavi Ranger Cordless telephones are designed for employees who need the functionality and quality of a multi-line digital phone in a mobile environment. The Ranger provides a full-featured digital cordless solution, while the Ranger SS provides the same feature set plus greater coverage. Door Phone Add a one-touch two-way Vodavi speakerphone for communication with visitors at a gate or door entry. Tech Specs Specification and Feature Summary STARPLUS® STSe™ Features     • Account Codes - Unverified/Verified/Traveling COS • Alarm Key - Diagnostics Alert • All Call Paging • Alpha-Numeric Display (Super Twist) • Analog Adapters • Answering Machine Emulation • Attendant - Directory by List Programming • Attendant - Setting System Day & Night Time • Attendant - Software Version Display • Attendant - Speed Dial - System Storing • Attendant Administration • Attendant Alert (911 feature) • Attendant override • Attendant Recall • Attendant Unavailable (Alternate Position) • Attendant/Extension Console • Automated Attendant (Optional Includes Alternate Ringing Mode) • Automatic Hold • Automatic Line Selection (Programmable) • Automatic Mode (Day/Night/Special) • Automatic Privacy • Automatic Three Mode Operation (Day/Night/Special) • Barge In • Battery Backup • BGM (1) channel - MOH • Busy Lamp Field • Call Announce - Privacy • Call Back • Call Coverage • Call Duration Timer • Call Forward - All Calls • Call Forward - Busy • Call Forward - Extension - External • Call Forward - No Answer • Call Forward - Override • Call Forward Busy/No Answer • Call Forward Extension Direct • Call Operator/Attendant (Programmable Code) • Call Park (System/Personal/Station) • Call Pickup (Directed Pickup/Group Pickup) • Call Transfer • Caller ID Answered/Unanswered Call Review • Caller ID Call Table (100-System) • Caller ID Name & Number • Calling Party Indication • Calling Station Tone Mode • Camp-On Extension • Centrex Compatibility • Class of Service - CO Line • Class of Service - Co Line/Extension • Class of Service - Extension • CO Alternate Route • CO Line Assignment (Complete Flexibility) • CO Line Group (Pooled Access) • CO Line Loop Supervision (Call Abandon) • CO Line Name Programming (7-character) • CO Line Programming Copy • CO Line Queuing (CO Line Call Back) • CO Line Receive Assignment (allows answering ability while restricting outgoing access.) • CO Line Ring Assignment • CO Line Ringing Mode (Day/Night/Special) • CO Line Signaling (Tone/Pulse) • CO Line Type Assignment (PBX, CO, Device Port) • CO Lines Offnet Forward - Incoming (via Speed Dial) • CO Ring Tones • Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) • Conference (Establish/Exit/Re-enter/Terminate) • Database Programming via PC-DBA • Database Programming via TU • Day/Night Special Mode • Day/Night/Special Mode • Default Numbering Plan • Dial By Name • Dial Pad Confirmation Tone • DISA • Disable Outgoing Co Access • Discriminating Ringing (Internal/External Call Specific) • Distinctive Ringing (On CO/STA) • Do Not Disturb Plan • DSS/BLF • DTMF Receivers (One per Analog Port) • Dual Color LEDs • End to End Signaling • Executive/Secretary Screen • Extension Groups (Paging, Pick Up) • Extension Programming Copy • Extension Swapping • Extension User Name • External Music Source • Fax Detection with Automatic Transfer • Feature Code List • Flash • Flexible Extension Numbering Plan • Flexible Feature Button Inquiry • Flexible Feature Button Programming • Flexible System Numbering Plan • Forced CO Call Forward • Forced Intercom Call Forward • Forced Intercom Tone Ring • Forced Release • Group Listening • Headset Mode • Headset Mode • Hold - Common (System) • Hold - Exclusive • Hold Abandon • Hold Indication • Hold Reminder • Holding Call Answer/Select • Hot Key • Hot Line • Hour Mode Selection • Hunt Groups via UCD-Linear • Incoming CO Transfer • Interactive Soft Keys • Intercom Buttons • Intercom Buttons/Intercom Call/Keyset Mode • Intercom Non Blocking • Last Number Redial • Mailbox Buttons • Meet me Page • Message Waiting • Music On Hold • Mute • Muted Ring • Name in Display • Night Service Activate • Off Hook Preference/Programming • OHVO • On Hook Dialing • One executive model - 24BTN LCD • One Touch Recording • Paging (Allow & Deny) • Paging (Internal/External) • Pause Insertion • PBX/Centrex on a Flex Button • PBX/Centrex Transfer • PC Database Administration • Personalized Messages • Power Supply: 110/220 VAC • Privacy • Privacy Release • Private Line • Pulse to DTMF Conversion • Recall • Reminder Tones • Remote Programming via PC-DBA • Repeat Redial • Repeat Redial • Ringing Line Priority • Saved Number Redial • Screened Transfer • SLT Co Line Flash • SLT Hotline • SLT/Analog Device Support • SMDR • Speakerphone • Speed Dial (1000 per system) • Speed Dial (20 per station) • Station ID Lock • Station Off Net Call Forwarding (via speed dial) • Station Renumbering • Storing Speed Numbers • Text Messaging • Toll Restriction • UCD (Available/Unavailable Mode) • UCD (Display calls in queue) • UCD Agent Log Off/On • UCD Overflow (Station Forward) • UCD Reroute Destination • UCD Voice Announce Group • Universal Day/Night Answer • Use Indication • User Name Programming • Virtual Number • Voice Announce – Hands-free Reply • Voice Mail Digital Integration with Auto Attendant (VM Options: PC-8, 8 Channels, 200 Hours) • Voice Mail/Call forward to voice mail groups) • Volume Controls • Warning Time • Warning Tone • Worksheets (Flex Button Program Worksheet & Speed Dial Program Worksheet) Learn more about Starplus STSe's Voicemail options. Explore the endpoints this business phone system has to offer your small business. Contact us today to learn how a Vertical IP PBX and VoIP business phone solution can enhance your business. Introducing MBX IP MBX IP provides a migration friendly pathway for existing MP-5000, FX-II and XTS IP systems, supporting traditional endpoints, IP endpoints and SIP trunking – all with a single system that is scalable to meet the demands of enterprise customers. MBX IP will support all of the existing XTS-IP, FX/MP digital, and SBX IP endpoints, including the new Edge 8000 phones, as well as, having a compatible feature set. Deploy VoIP immediately or migrate at your own pace. Learn more Vertical Vodavi® XTS® IP: Experience the Power of Convergence VoIP Without Compromise With over 20 years in the communications business, Vodavi remains committed to providing exceptional solutions to small and medium-sized businesses at an affordable price, while maintaining our customer’s capital investment for future growth. The XTS-IP telephone system takes the best of both worlds and combines them - traditional digital telephony and Voice-over-IP (VoIP) “converged” technology. By converged, we are speaking of the trend toward one transfer medium for all forms of communication, the IP, or data network. The XTS-IP communications system allows you to experience the power of convergence by integrating seamlessly with traditional analog and digital devices as well as the latest VoIP endpoints to meet a virtually endless number of communication needs. With the Vodavi XTS-IP communications system, you can start by choosing just a few VoIP applications while staying firmly grounded with traditional technology, or you can opt to make every device on the system a VoIP device. With the XTS-IP, you choose your own path to take your business to the next level of technology and success! Why Consider a Converged Telephone System? If the only difference between traditional and VoIP technology were different hardware and transfer mediums, then there would be no reason to migrate to VoIP. The PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) remains the most reliable and is also relatively inexpensive as a means of empowering your business communications. The real differences in technology manifest themselves in what you are able to accomplish with them, in the application of the technology. For example, you use a cell phone so you can speak with anyone from virtually anywhere. In the same respect, you should look to VoIP technology for the business advantages it provides over traditional telephony: mobility and presence to your customers. Learn more about the features & benefits of the XTSc-IP and the XTS-IP. Learn more about the endpoints that come with this business phone system. Take a look at the variety of applications the XTS-IP system has to offer. Read more!  Discover more about XTS-IP in our resource area Contact us today to learn how a Vertical IP PBX and VoIP business phone solution can enhance your business.
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